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  • Avoid obtaining used furniture
  • Check for bed bugs when spending the night away from home
  • Don't allow people to come over/ stay the night that currently have bed bugs
  • Inspect items form second hand stores
  • Use the dryer (high heat 20 minutes) on items (cloths, bedding, stuffed animals) if you think you may have come in contact with bed bugs
  • Maintain a reoccurring pest service from Innovative Pest Solutions

Bed Bug Treatments and Information

Over roughly the past decade, bed bugs have made a dramatic comeback in the U.S.   The bed bug is mostly a nocturnal insect that feeds on the blood of warm blooded animals and human hosts. In the early stages of an infestation, the bed bugs may be difficult to locate, usually hiding in the creases of a mattress, or in the cracks and crevices of the box springs, and bed frame. However, as the population grows, you can locate them easier by the black or brown spots created by the bed bugs' excrement. Adult bed bugs, can live two months to up to a year without a meal. Typically, the females will lay eggs after they have a meal. They can lay one or two eggs per day, and potentially multiple hundreds in their lifetime. The eggs will hatch in about a week and will shed their skin five times before they become adults. The life cycle of a bed bug from egg to adult can be as little as a month, with this short life cycle there can be multiple generations per year, and populations can grow very rapidly. A single female introduced into a home can potentially be the reason for thousands of bed bugs in as little as a few months.  Innovative Pest Solutions developed 3  bed bug treatments  that are very effective .  The heat plus treatment kills all life stages in one treatment and provides a chemical treatment providing a longer lasting control.  The second service is a heat treatment only this kills all stages of bed bugs and no chemical is used.  The least costly is a chemical treatment,  this may take up to 6 weeks to control your bed bugs but the residual control is there for longer lasting control.  Innovative Pest Solutions offers a bed bug control program for Owensboro and the surrounding areas designed to kill the pest and help prevent them from coming back all at prices you can afford.   

Bed Bug Treatment

We at Innovative Pest Solutions understand the growing concern of Bed Bug infestations. Because of the nature of this pest, we believe in being as thorough as possible to ensure the elimination of the bed bug infestation.
Innovative Pest Solutions treatment for Bed Bugs :
1.  A licensed professional will give your home a very thorough inspection.

2.  Once an infestation has been identified, the technician will inform you of your options and what is the best solution for your needs.

3.  If deciding on a heat treatment then a bed bug heat preparation checklist will be explained to you.  

Preparing for Bed Bug  Liquid Treatment

Be Prepared For Your Treatment
•Strip all bedding down to the bare mattress and box spring.

•Empty any dressers and closets within 4 - 6 feet of the bed as they will need to be treated as well, place all items in movable containers like totes or trash bags.

•All clothing and bed sheets need to be place in a dryer on medium to high heat for 20 to 30 minutes.

•All floor spaces will be treated. Be sure that all loose items are picked up and stored away. This includes areas inside closets, under beds, sofas, recliners, etc.

•Humans and all pets must be away from the treated space for two hours. So make these arrangements before we arrive. If any of these items are not completed when we arrive, we will make another appointment time to treat the house and a $25 reschedule fee will be added to the treatment.

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