Cockroach Information

 Cockroaches are very common pests and can be found throughout a structure. Although the German cockroaches are usually found in kitchens or bathrooms, there are other species – such as the American and Oriental cockroaches – that can be found in basements, crawl spaces, around floor drains and pipes. Unlike the American and Oriental cockroaches – which take about a year to mature, the German cockroach can start reproducing more cockroaches about 30 days after hatching. It is for this reason they can quickly escalate from a small pest problem to a major infestation. Cockroaches spend the majority of their time in cracks and crevices located near sources of food or water. In the absence of adequate food, they will feed on their young or even other dead cockroaches…a fact that is crucial to some of our methods of treatment.

Top Way to Avoid Getting Cockroaches

  • Keep Kitchen Clean
  • Throw out uneaten food
  • Avoid clutter in cabinets; plastic shopping bags stuffed in a drawer is a great place for roaches to live
  • Maintain tight seals on door jams under all exterior doors
  •  Maintain a reoccurring Pest service with Innovative Pest Solutions

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Cockroach Control

  1.  A trained pest management professional inspects and identifies the cockroaches 
  2. A pest management program is decided upon
  3. Baits are placed where roaches are found (usually the kitchen cabinets, pantry, and behind the refrigerator for german cockroaches).   Roaches that eat the bait and die can transfer the bait to other roaches that eat them.  This can quickly knock down the roach population.
  4.  We will usually treat areas where bait is not used, inside the structure to prevent the spread of the roaches
  5.  We treat the outside of the structure to prevent any more roaches from entering
  6. We recommend a follow-up treatment after one month so that any hatching nymphs can be treated (heavier infestations may require more than one follow-up appointment). 
  7. We recommend a recurring pest service to ensure the roaches do not return.

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