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General Pest Control

General pest control includes pests such as ants, general spiders (brown recluse spiders are more specialized), centipedes,  crickets, pill bugs, earwigs, millipedes, and rodents.

Innovative Pest Solutions general pest services can be either interior/ exterior treatment(s) or just exterior treatment(s) depending upon the pest and customer's preference
  1. A trained pest management professional inspects and identifies pests in or around the structure.  
  2. A  pest management program is designed , that will best serve the customer
  3. Treatment to structure for general pest may include spraying, dusting, baiting etc.
  4. Monitors are placed out to help detect any unseen pest problems
  5. We always recommend a reoccurring pest service to manage your pests long term

Top Ways to Avoid Getting General Pests

  • Reduce vegetation such as ivy around foundation
  • Seal up entry points such as around pipes and vents
  • Keep door sweeps is good condition
  • Keep mulch under 2 inches
  • Maintain a reoccurring pest service with Innovative Pest Solutions

General Pests found in and around your Home

There are many pests that invade our homes and work spaces and Innovative Pest Solutions is here to help!   Your time is important to you, and  trying to rid yourself of pests that can cause damage,  health problems,  or frustration is probably not at the top of your list of things you want to do.  Why not leave it to the professionals at Innovative Pest Solutions.  Every structure has different pest control needs, some may have high pest pressures and need a once a moth treatment, others with low pest pressure may only need treatment in the spring and fall.   We use our knowledge about pests and treatment techniques to customize an effective pest management program for you.  We offer both reoccurring  and onetime  services to our customers.  Many of our customers use our exterior services so they are not bothered by having to make appointments or worry about chemicals in the house, it is all managed from the outside.   Call us for more information about customizing your pest service.  Let Innovative Pest Solutions take care of your pest management needs so you can enjoy more time doing the things you want to do.