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For Mosquito Control in Owensboro and the surrounding areas

Call or Text (270)685-3556

Top Ways to Avoid Getting Mosquitos

  • Reduce thick vegetation
  • Clean gutters to prevent them from holding water
  • Dump and refill bird baths every two days
  • Drain anything holding water more than two days
  • Maintain a reoccurring Mosquito service from Innovative Pest Solutions


Have Mosquitoes taken over your yard? Do you feel trapped inside your house? Do you put insecticides on your kids and your own body to reduce mosquito bites in your yard?  Mosquitoes can greatly reduce the enjoyment that you have outside your home, whether on the deck or in the yard. Innovative Pest Solutions can help with these annoying and painful pests. Our objective is to reduce the mosquitoes that are resting and reproducing in your yard and thus reducing the number of bites; allowing you to reclaim your yard from biting insects. Don't put insecticides or insect repellents on your body. Many of the chemicals that people put on their body to repel mosquitoes do not work for long, and may irritate skin, not to mention do nothing to solve the growing mosquito population in their yard. Let Innovative Pest Solutions treat the mosquito's resting and breeding sights where it will effectively reduce the mosquito population in your yard. Mosquitoes rest on plant foliage during the day and actively search for a blood meal during the early morning, late afternoon and at night.  So if you are looking for mosquito control in Owensboro and the surrounding area look no further call Innovative Pest Solutions for your yard mosquito control.

Mosquito Management Residential and Event Services

Innovative Pest Solutions treats  resting areas  with a residual insecticide to kill mosquitoes that rest on the plants. Innovative Pest Solutions uses a backpack mist blower to apply the treatment where it will do the most good. We also inspect areas where mosquitoes develop. Finding areas where water may stand for several days is an important step in an effective management program. Water in gutters, bird baths, fish ponds, and damaged trees can all be treated with Insect Growth Regulators (IGR) or bacteria, both of which are harmless to fish, birds, and pets but will prevent mosquitoes from reaching the adult biting stage.

Event Services

With this treatment Innovative Pest Solutions can treat an area that is going to be used for an event such as an outside party. The area is usually treated one or two days before the event to reduce biting insects. Treatment is done only with the permission of the lands owner, property manager, or agent. The treatment needs to be requested at least five days in advance (unless the treatment is on your own property) to notify all individuals involved.

We offer Residential, Commercial and Special Events Mosquito Services  Outdoor Weddings, or Family Reunions