Making the most of your service

  • If you plane on putting down new mulch or ground cover, do this before an exterior treatment
  • Make sure downspouts drain away from the house
  • If you are going to do renovations or clean carpets do this before an interior treatment 
  • Don't fall behind on your  reoccurring pest service with Innovative Pest Solutions 

Pricing is estimated by square feet of structure
Pest Service
5001 and up
One Time
$195 and up
$160 and up
$90 and up
Monthly Exterior
$78 and up
Every Other Month
$95 and up
Every Other Month Exterior
$85 and up
$98 and up
Quarterly Exterior
$85 and up
$120 and up

General Insect Management Services and Pricing

Conscientious treatments using Low Odor chemicals and baits for the Safety of your Home, Business and the Environment.


See explanation of services below.

Rates may vary due to location, type of construction, accessibility, chemical usage, and other factors.
If you have any questions or if you would like to schedule and appointment please call:


Determining what service is best for you

Determining what service is best for you can be difficult  at times.  That is why we at Innovative Pest Solutions customize your pest management programs  to fit your needs and concerns.  We want to help you by educating you about your pests, and explaining our service to you, providing  the best results.  Several general options are listed below all can be specialized to your particular needs. 

General Insect Pests

General insect management includes the following insects: ants, centipedes, crickets, earwigs, millipedes, pill bugs and most spiders.  Additional fees may apply if insects listed below are treated for.  If you have a reoccurring  service with Innovative Pest Solutions the cost  for additional services will be reduced.

Insects not included in the general pest management include:  Brown Recluse Spiders, Carpenter Bees, Cluster Flies, Fleas, Bed Bugs, Hornets, Mites, Mosquitoes, Powderpost Beetles, Termites, Ticks and Yellowjackets.  These insects and a few more are specialty insects and require different control methods that are more time consuming,  may require greater material needs, and/or are more dangerous than the general insects.  These insects require more information than square footage of the structure to determine a management program.

General Insect Management

Initial Service consists of an inspection of the target pest, determining a management program for the customer, recommendation on treating and/or sealing up exterior small cracks and crevices and an interior and exterior treatments if required for pest management.

We offer a One Time Service for people that only see pests on rare occasions, or only need a once a year treatment.  One time pest services are  guaranteed for 30 days. 

Monthly services consists of an inspection and treatment.  This service is guaranteed between services.  This service is recommended for structures with high pest pressure or have dangerous insect pest such as brown recluse or black widows.  This service can usually be switched after a few months to an every other month  or quarterly service.  This service is also great for restaurant and bar owners that require more protection.

Every Other Month Service consists of an inspection and treatment. This service is guaranteed for 60 days. This service will begin with an Initial Service.   This service is recommended for some commercial and homes with heavy to medium pest pressure.

Every Other Month Exterior Service consists of an inspection and treatment of exterior only.  This is a great service for the individuals that either don't want chemical inside the structure or don't have time in their schedule to make appointments for the inside to be treated.   It maintains a good protection around the home to prevent pest from coming in.  This service is guaranteed for 60 days and  begins with an Initial Service.   This service is recommended for homes with ants and/or spider problems that require a little extra protection.

Quarterly  Service is the most popular service, and the best value to the customer for managing general pests. Innovative Pest Solutions recommends this maintenance program for most residential homes that have light to medium pest pressure. Customers find this service to be both convenient and effective. In this service we inspect the structure for pest problems, check monitors (if used), treat and/or seal up small cracks and crevices that are allowing pests into the house, and treat insect pests. This service will begin with an Initial Service and may need a follow up service in one month to manage moderate/heavy infestations (the "follow up" service begins the quarterly service and is charged at the quarterly service price). Additional services between quarterly visits are no additional charge providing service is maintained quarterly.

Biannual Service consists of the inspection, and treatment to the interior and exterior.  This service is a good choice for structures that have low pest pressure.  The service is best used in the spring and early fall when pest are at there worst.  This service is guaranteed for 60 days against general pests.

Termite Inspection (Wood Destroying Insect Inspection) consists of an interior and exterior inspection of the structure by a masters degreed entomologist with almost 20 years of experience. Inspections including crawl space, basement and main level areas.  The non-biased report includes inspection of all visible wood destroying insects (termites, carpenter ants, carpenter bees, old house borer, and powderpost beetles).  The Inspection report is completed on a computer and a professional report is printed and can be handed to you at the time of the inspection, or it can be  mailed or emailed to the realtor or mortgage company within 12 hours.   Access will be required to all parts of the structure.   Innovative Pest Solutions has  SUPRA access and can set up an  inspection time with the realtor.  Inspection time of  a "for sale by owner" house must be  arranged with the current owner.

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