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Top Ways to Avoid Getting Spiders

  • Knock down or vacuum webs and /or spiders
  • Clean up cluttered closets, basements, or other areas
  • Move wood piles away from structure and only bring in what you are going to put on the fire.
  • Reduce vegetation and leaf piles at foundation
  • Maintain a reoccurring pest service with Innovative Pest Solutions

Spider information and Management

There are many different spiders in Western Kentucky, although most are not harmful to most people.  Wolf spiders, jumping spiders, cellar spiders, large web making spiders and many others are often large, hairy, and formidable looking, but they rarely bite humans.   However, there are two spiders in western Kentucky that are very harmful to humans: the Brown Recluse and the Black Widow.  Both of these spiders may hide in areas where they are not noticed until they bite.  Innovative Pest Solutions offers spider control in the Owensboro area,  is happy to educate our customers in distinguishing between harmless and dangerous spiders, as well as customizing a pest management program that is catered to the customers individual needs.   Innovative Pest Solutions spider control programs can be either interior and exterior treatments or if you prefer we can manage most spiders by treating just the outside.  Call us today and learn more about our pest control services.

For spider control in the Owensboro and surrounding areas

Call or Text (270)685-3556

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Spider control

For managing general spiders:  Wolf spiders, yellow-sac spiders and black widow spiders can be managed by this treatment

  1. All treatments for spiders will begin with a thorough inspection of the structure by one of our trained professionals.
  2. A pest management program will be designed
  3. Initial treatment is usually a treatment of both the interior and exterior.  This kills spiders inside and out.  
  4. Monitors are placed under beds, in closets, and other potential spider areas (this helps us to identify any unseen pest problem such as brown recluse)
  5. We recommend a reoccurring exterior pest service to prevent spiders from coming back in the future. 

Brown recluse spiders are also very common in our area, but they require a more in-depth treatment. The initial treatment remains an interior and exterior spray, but with the addition of a non-chemical dust in the attic space. Brown recluse can live in wall voids for long periods of time without food or water, so it is imperative to have a recurring interior/exterior pest service to ensure the spider is always in contact with a fresh treatment.