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Top Way to Avoid Getting Termites

  • Remove stored wood or wood piles from inside  or next to  exterior foundation
  • Keep wood mulch under 2 inches thick
  • Remove dead stumps next to house
  • Make sure water drains away form foundation
  • Maintain a reoccurring pest service with Innovative Pest Solutions

For termite control in Owensboro and the surrounding areas

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Termite Treatment

As part of our full line of pest control services, Innovative Pest Solutions has a premier termite control program for the Owensboro and surrounding areas.  Our termite treatments come with a renewable guarantee that includes a free annual termite inspection of the treated structure.  Innovative Pest Solutions is always available to inspect a home for any pests and tailor a custom Pest Management Program for management or prevention of pests.
Due to the number of questions we receive in early spring and summer about possible termite swarms or termite infestations we are including a quick and easy way to determine the difference between a termite swarmer and an ant swarmer. 

Why chose Innovative Pest Solutions for your termite treatment?

 1.All termite treatments are performed with licensed and degreed professionals on site.
2.Termidor is used on all termite treatments for the elimination of the entire termite colony.
3.All termite treatments are individually tailored to fit your needs by Perry Lutz,  the Licensed Pest Control Operator for the company.
4.Innovative Pest Solutions' Licensed Pest Control Operator is readily available to answer any questions before, during, and after treatment.
5.While treatment is being completed, we make sure that the job is done right by giving quality checks.
6.Innovative Pest Solutions' warranty includes a free annual inspection to identify potential reinfestations.
7.Re-treatments are fully covered on guaranteed work for the duration of the warranty.
Innovative Pest Solutions Termite Treatments are individually tailored for maximum protection of your home. We have designed a treatment program and selected a product which we feel offers the best protection for our customers. Innovative Pest Solutions uses only Termidor for termite treatments.

Termidor is a non-repellant termiticide. Being non-repellant means the termites will move freely through the treated areas. Termites pick up the treatment as they come into contact with Termidor. As they bump into other termites the treatment is transferred to others. This process is called the "Transfer Effect". Termidor is a slow acting treatment which is critical in the management of the termite colony. The colony will be eliminated in about three months (time depending on structure, weather conditions, size of colony, etc.. ).

With Termidor's unique abilities we are able to manage your termite problem with little to no internal inconvenience on many structures. Some structures may be treated with only an external treatment. Termidor will be applied in the soil along the exterior foundation walls to create a continuous treatment zone around the structure. The application method is called "trenching and rodding." Some drilling may be necessary when there are exterior attached concrete slabs or garages. If there are areas that need to be drilled, Innovative Pest Solutions will drill, treat, plug and patch the holes. In some instances, where termites have come up from the center of the structure, drilling on the interior may be necessary for maximum protection. Estimates for treatments may be provided with an inspection of the structure by Innovative Pest Solutions.