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Nov. 2016



           IS Expanding!

Family owned, Strong Faith based company, seeking qualified service technician for Termite and Pest management services. Interested 

Applicants Call 270-685-3556 or

Send resume to : Innovative Pest Solutions 1635 Triplett St. Owensboro, KY 42303

For Pest Control in Owensboro, KY and the surrounding areas call or text  



Best Services

Identification of  your pest is  key to customizing your pest management program.  All Innovative Pest Solutions technicians are trained  to identify pests and implement  your pest control services.   Whether commercial business or home pest control, Innovative Pest Solutions is your best choice fpr pest control in Owensboro and surrounding areas.

Determining what service is best for you can be difficult at times.   Innovative Pest Solutions will customize your pest management programs to fit your needs and concerns.  We want to help you by educating you about your pests, and explaining our services to you.
Professional services at great prices!


When you have pests invading your home, business, or commercial sight, look no further than Innovative Pest Solutions.   We deliver quality pest services designed specifically for your needs. 

Innovative Pest Solutions was established in  Owensboro,  KY in 2007 and provides innovative and conscientious pest management for the safety of  your home, business and the environment.  The late owner of the company, Tom Dixon grew up here in Owensboro, and received  a masters degree in entomology from the University of Kentucky. Tom  had customizing pest solutions for customers for nearly 20 years,  He knew that providing the customer with a quality service was the key to a good business.  Tom brought Perry Lutz on staff in July of 2014, with the goal of expanding the commercial side of the business, Perry has over 35 years experience in the Pest Control industry.  Since Tom's passing, Perry has become the LPCO for the company. Innovative Pest Solutions offers  a  personalized pest management service, with employees that show up on time,  are courteous to customers,  and preform thorough pest control services  with guaranteed results.

Management of insects is not always as easy as it may seem. Different insects require different management techniques. It is NOT always in your best interest to spray the pests with an over-the-counter spray; or whatever might be available at the time.  Save your money and time by allowing us to customize your Pest Solution.